März 2016 - Automoldes

New plug and play injection molds

AUTOMOLDES will highlight it’s injection molding capabilities designed to produce high-specification plastic parts, including it’s development of a new ‘plug-and-play’ mold.

The metallic molds manufacturers say it’s take on a ‘plug-and-play’ mold is being developed to create an industrialized, tested, and 100% ready to use mold, in order that customer’s need only set- up and start production. The kit is designed to save cost-heavy production time, and avoid first run problems and adjustments.

Also under development is AUTOMOLDES dimensional and functional control for its molding equipment and plastic injected parts. This technology works on a station which simulates every condition the part will be subjected once it is fulfilling its projected purpose, allowing for highly accurate measurement and testing.

Global Automotive Components and Technology Expo stand: 4432