Established on 1 March 2001, AUTOMOLDES is a metallic molds manufacturing company; our products are mainly for injection molding to produce technical plastic parts. In addition to mold constructing, we make their maintenance during the production cycle.

The company is located in a warehouse with 500 m2, in Zona Industrial do Soeiro, S. Mamede do Coronado, Trofa.

AUTOMOLDES is composed by a team with a vast experience in the mold industry, and makes available to the customers a set of services who believes that fulfill the requirements.

Knowing that the business market is more and more demanding, there is a need to produce more complex and reliable molds, in less time and more economical.

Faced with this reality, AUTOMOLDES is in constant innovation on technological and functional terms, ensuring the quality and the reaction time and ability to respond to current requests.


AUTOMOLDES since the beginning on the molds marketing has already passed through several phases, especially: the initial stage, when it was founded and entered the market, at this stage the company has undergone a constant search for market and tried to establish himself in the business. This phase lasted about 5 years.

A second phase began by the growth in resources and some technology in order to be able to answer market demands.

In a third phase, which is the present one, where the company already has some experience in the market and want to implement an investment plan and re-qualify at all levels with the aim to move on from a situation of relative normality, to a situation in which they will equip with more advanced and modern machinery and equipment in order to be able to enter into the international markets by increasing their national and international competitiveness.