Since its founding in 2001, AUTOMOLDES has been building a consolidated position in the molds market, with know-how and ability to respond guaranteed by ongoing training and upgrading of all employees, AUTOMOLDES is in addition to a supplier, an ideal partner for its customers.

AUTOMOLDES has as motto, customer satisfaction, proposing improvements to product, always ensuring the requirements are met and improve continuously the effectiveness of the quality management system.

AUTOMOLDES is concerned about continuously upgrade the technological resources, exploring the latest trends in order to monetize the production and practice competitive prices through the efficient management.


The economic development of companies is conditioned by innovation, which is reflected in the integration of knowing in the products which in in turn demands interaction between science and technology.

AUTOMOLDES aims to innovate in the mold industry through the study, development and implementation of top technologies, with high demand in the market of molds for automotive industry. Alongside this, the company assumes an increase in quality of services and resources in order to adopt the concept “mold as a finished product,” which consists of: construction, measurement, validation and certification of product produced; in order to sell it as a finished product, and thus easily join the direct internationalization.


AUTOMOLDES is composed of a team with extensive experience in the mold industry and makes available to its customers a range of services that always fit your requirements.

To answer the demand of market, keeping competitive, it is necessary to innovate in technological and functional terms, increasing the quality and responsiveness to current challenges. Thus, AUTOMOLDES is charge, produce increasingly complex and reliable molds, and simultaneously, in less time and cheaper.